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Ellybee is an innovative startup made in Italy. Our goal is to combine learning and fun, making sure the first one is generated from the second. As the founder of Ellybee we like to call us “digital immigrants” since we were born in the era of rhymes and books read by adults, but we were catapulted with no little enthusiasm in the digital age and we witnessed the technological evolution, the flourishing of the so-called new technologies. We are also passionate readers, curious travelers and we decided to give voice to this incredible generation of Digital Natives to meet the needs of these children; we wanted also to meet the expectations of parents and educators and to ensure that there is a new and effective teaching method that makes the difference. For all these reasons was born Ellybee…

where the books come to life.

Languages cut down the walls
and open the doors of the future

Ornella Faranda

passionate English teacher

Mother of 3 with a great experience in teaching English and working with children. In London, where she lived for 7 years, she attended and obtained an MBA at the Greenwich University on child development.

Today is yesterday

Andrea Tassone

volcanic IT entrepreneur

Father of two, is the founder of OSAnet srl and Libra People PLC in Malta. He was President of the Confapi Catania youth group and member of the Regional Presidency. He is currently the Provincial Coordinator of Assintel, at the Confcommercio IT section.

The quality of the time is the base of development

Silvia Morandi

psychologist and psychotherapist

Mother of 3, clinical psychologist since 2006 and specialized in cognitive psychotherapy at the School of Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy in Milan. For over ten years she has worked with children and their families. She is the Director of Polaris Preschool, a well-known bilingual school in Milan area.

Tradition is the basis of progress

Gaetano Giuffrè

Great wise man as well as publisher since ever

Father of four, was editorial director at Giuffrè spa publisher of which he is still a shareholder. Giuffrè Spa publisher, was founded in Milan in 1931, and is now the leading Italian publisher at the university, for the professional and scientific juridical field.