About us

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Who we are

Ellybee is the new experience through augmented reality publishing

Ellybee is the first publishing house 4.0 – software house, founded in Sicily in 2013, with the aim of building an independent children’s publishing brand that would prize innovation, fun and quality above all else.
Ellybee created a patented new way of learning introducing interactive augmented reality – or AR – elements to support children and their families to learn English in early age or just to read a book allowing interaction with the text.
Ellybee sees books as an invaluable learning and development aid, especially in the first few years of life.
Ellybee’s books are not only entertaining and stimulating, but also highly engaging and interactive.
The books come to life with the help of Ellybee’s Apps. The images on its pages unlock a portal through which readers can access a number of games and interactive stories and audio books.

Ellybee operates beyond the confines of a pure “game” as an attempt to interest the digital generation in print. AR motivates children’s activities to read further, to draw, to study models or to play, and to improve their attention span by searching and listening to the interactive teacher.

What we do
For Schools
We offer a unique tool to use within the school programme.
For children and families
Ellybee offers a narrative with interactive stories, to support children and their families to read and play while learning.
For Publishing Houses
Almost every book can be improved with augmented reality making AR the next frontier—and a new revenue source for publishers.

By using smartphone apps, books become as interactive as possible. When readers point a smartphone camera at a picture, they can watch a video, listen to audio, play with a model, or read interesting facts. 
There are a whole host of AR books already in print, but the possibilities for publishing books of this type are virtually limitless. 
Ellybee can create the customized App for each specific needs.