Ellybee believes that, for a child learning something next to the people he loves makes everything easier and much more fun.

Thanks to Ellybee, the kids will have so many stories to read in the family. Let the child choose the book that he likes the most, then with a smartphone or tablet he can listen to Elly’s voice. It will be real fun!

Learning will be the natural consequence of this quality time made by love and fun.

The time adults and children spend together is precious and has a great educational value. The rhymes, the books,

the illustrations and Elly that appears magically on the screen, are added values of the educational moments, a winning tool that only the Ellybee method is able to give.

To facilitate learning, in Ellybee we focus on emotion, fun and quality time.

By the way, fun and emotion is also become “digital”, a language that we have evolved in Augmented Reality.