Application development

Our company is specialized in the realization of APPs with Augmented and Virtual Reality for the educational sector and beyond. Our company develops mobile applications for every kind of industry and needs. Our staff consists of graphics desiners, 3D modelers and programmers, that develops, designs and creates content that gives immersive and experentials values.
Within the Team we have vertical competencies on 2D and 3D gaming. We usually develop with Unity 3D, and also Unreal Engine 4.
As the Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) we use Vuforia, but we are also willing to use other platforms such as Aurasma, X-loudia, open-source projects such as ARToolkit or developments in the Apple Arkit project.
For Ellybee Edutainment, our staff has designed and delivered valued educational contents that at the same time have gamification values.

Elly, our digital bee, has come to life in two different “versions”: 2D (on books and on the internet) and 3D (on APP).
Ellybee let children learning while having fun.
Thanks to Elly, our digital assistant, learning has never been so easy.